Hello World.

My name is int0x33 others know me as Z3R0.

I used to work for big corps like [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. I did penetration testing, security research and more recently, red teaming.

This is the new site as Medium is too money hungry and I wanted to post longer tutorial series, invite guest writers and host resources. Many pages and posts are work in progress, this site will take a long time to get to how I envision it, but it will be worth it. I would rather put out mind dumps with the info you MIGHT find useful than to keep drafts back just to get perfect; life isn’t perfect, hacking is not an exact science and this site is what it is.

Some content taken from private wiki collected over the years, if anything is yours and not credited please contact me! It’s important all work is credited.

Also, some content is mirrored, this is not to pass of content as my own, all mirrored posts state where they are from and who wrote them. The reason for this is so people can see all great content in one location and to prevent what we all know too well, visiting dead links.

This site is not designed to generate revenue and won’t be monetized. Content is king, information should be free for the benefit of all, not for the benefit of one or a few.

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